Our ‘digital Souls’ Are Worth Billions. This Startup Will Help Sell Yours – Forbes

Drake Still Hates Macklemore – Yahoo News

I met with StJohn (pronounced sin-jin) Deakins several times during June to discuss his plans to allow consumers to take control of their digital souls using a market-driven solution. The online advertising marketplace at the moment is very inefficient, he told me. We are in the early days of the internet and brokers are currently being rewarded for gathering as much data as they can, which is often done illicitly and without informing the consumer. There is no proper legislation in place either, so what you need right now is a service that works for us all as digital citizens and allows us to take control of our data. The first stage of CitizenMes business strategy took place this week, when its app came out of beta and hit the Apple Apple app store. Using sophisticated psychometric technology devised by experts at Cambridge University, it provides a one-stop shop for all the users social media profiles. The app scans the iPhone and then allows the owner to manage all their social media profiles, using a traffic light system to warn of possible privacy issues. Psychometric techniques are then used to analyze the personality traits of the iPhone or, eventually, Android phone owner, by examining posts, likes or other metrics, allowing them to see exactly how they come across on various forms of social media. Dont worry though: no data is sent out without the users express permission. In the coming months, the really clever bit of CitizenMe will begin to roll out.

Original article here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jasperhamill/2014/07/17/our-digital-souls-are-worth-billions-this-startup-will-help-sell-yours/

Let’s all just take a second and sip some tea and remember those times. Well, actually, here’s a new Drake vs. Macklemore memory to add to our mental scrapbooks: This week Drake hosted the ESPY awards (which is like the Tonys but with more Axe Body Spray) and in his opening monologue he pulled a classic Billy Crystal move by sorta-dissing other celebs instagram comments IN SONG. One of those diss lyrics was something along the lines of “real music doesn’t always win Grammys” while an image of Macklemore holding a Grammy flashed on screen. Feel the burn: RELATED: Broadway Legend Elaine Stritch, the Ultimate New York Broad, Dies at 89 In my opinion Drake does not care for Macklemore. Thus concludes this week’s opinion piece about whether Drake likes Macklemore or not. Because, post-script, he does not. [ Us Weekly ] View gallery . Please click on this story about One Direction’s Zayn Malik and the typhoon of rumors swirling about his dreamy head that he is, in fact, secretly married. Obviously I don’t mean that you should click on any links to other websites, just sort of click on this story that you’re reading right now, in the margins, just gently highlight and un-highlight the text with your cursor.

Original article here: http://news.yahoo.com/drake-still-hates-macklemore-180000839.html


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