Ufc Fight Night 45 Results: Claudia Gadelha Makes History As First Ufc Strawweight Winner – Yahoo Sports

The second round started much like the first. Gadelha switched from the Thai clinch to a double-leg takedown early in the frame. As Lahdemaki worked to stand, Gadelha took her back. Oddly, the referee separated them from the position. After being separated, Lahdemaki began to land more regularly as Gadelha seemed to slow down. The first half of the final round played out on the feet with each lady landing shots. Gadelha secured an inside trip takedown midway through the round. Lahdemaki got to her feet only to be takedown down again.

Original article here: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/ufc-fight-night-45-results-234059057–mma.html

Rose McGowan Blasts Instagram User After They Call Her Michael Jackson – Us Weekly

Rose McGowan went on the defensive on Tuesday, July 15, blasting Instagram users who commented on a photo saying she looked like Michael Jackson . PHOTOS: Celebrity feuds It all started when the Charmed actress posted a picture of herself wearing sunglasses, with the simple caption, “Afghanistan.” One commenter then wrote, “You look like Michael Jackson,” while another by the name @Katrinabunny commented: “#michaeljackson no more plastic surgery please!” PHOTOS: Plastic surgery nightmares McGowan immediately replied to the user, writing, “@katrinabunny coming from, ummm, you.” The actress, who got reconstructive surgery after being in a car accident in 2007, went on to write: “Has anyone stopped to think that Michael Jackson used to be black, and tried to turn himself into buy instagram comments a white, possibly Irish person with a cleft chin and a tiny nose? I was born Irish. So f–k off losers.” While some commenters came to McGowan’s defense, the actress was still clearly upset. Wanting to make a point, she posted a side-by-side picture of Michael Jackson before and after his surgeries, with the caption: “Exactly. You dumb f–ks. Eat it.”

Original article here: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/rose-mcgowan-blasts-instagram-user-after-they-call-her-michael-jackson-2014157

Rose McGowan Fires Back at People Who Say She Looks Like Michael Jackson – ABC News

After posting a photo captioned “Afghanistan,” where the actress-singer is wearing aviator sunglasses and smiling at the camera, users on social media decided to comment. READ: Rose McGowan and More Stars Who Grew Up in Cults “She really does look like older MJ from this angle” and “Sorry but in this photo you look like Michael Jackson” were some of the comments, including thoughts about plastic surgery. But then there were also fans who defended the actress, who said, “Why are people so mean.” McGowan, 40, had surgery in 2007, including reconstruction, after a serious car accident. The “Charmed” actress added that she was born Irish and that Jackson needed surgery to look the way he did at the end of his life. She posted another picture of Jackson in his early years, followed by one later. “Exactly. You dumb f***. Eat it,” she wrote.

Original article here: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/rose-mcgowan-fires-back-people-michael-jackson/story?id=24583867


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