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And that makes you a little weird. Watching TV while simultaneously using a smartphone, laptop or tablet is on the verge of becoming a majority behavior worldwide, and in the U.S., it already is. According to a survey of 55,000 people by the research consultancy TNS , 56% of Americans engage in another digital activity during their TV sessions, a behavior termed screen-stacking. Thats ahead of the global average of 48%, but behind most countries in Asia, where screen-stacking is overwhelmingly popular. Japan leads the world, with 79% of adults reporting multi-device TV watching. Source: TNS Asia is also out front when it comes to watching TV-style video on other devices. About one-third of users in buy followers on instagram China, Hong Kong and Singapore watch online video every day, according to TNS. In Hong Kong, watching video on a computer or mobile device during the evening is actually more common than watching TV, with 26% reporting the former versus 14% for the latter.

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Source: TNS

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