Ronda Rousey Suffered A Broken Hand In Ufc 175 Title Defense – Yahoo Sports

Send Thanks! A link has been sent. Done Ronda Rousey Suffered a Broken Hand in UFC 175 Title Defense 1 hour ago View photo Ronda Rousey Suffered a Broken Hand in UFC 175 Title Defense For a moment, Ronda Rousey was a consideration to try and save the now-cancelled UFC 176 fight card on Aug. 2, but that idea was quickly put to rest and then completely buried when it was revealed that the champ has a broken hand. UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta told content partner Yahoo! Sports that company officials had briefly discussed asking Rousey to step in and save the event after featherweight champion Jose Aldo had to withdraw due to injury, but added that the idea was scrapped before they even discussed it with Rousey or her camp. He then added that it would be a moot point now anyway, as Fertitta revealed Rousey broke her right hand in a successful title defense against Alexis Davis at UFC 175 on Saturday night. We already knew that Rousey had a cyst in her right hand that burst during the 16-second fight . Although that injury should heal quickly, the broken hand will keep her sidelined for quite a bit longer.

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10 Tricks To Make Yourself an Instagram Master

10 Tricks To Make Yourself an Instagram Master

2. Embed your photos on the Web Just taken an Instagram shot that’s so inspiring you want to share it on your blog? Find the post via Instagram on the Web , click the menu button (three horizontal dots) and choose View Photo Page, then open the menu button again and select the Embed option. The code that appears can be pasted anywhere else on the Web to showcase the picture, and you can embed images from other Instagram streams just as easily as your own. Each embed comes with a link back to the photo on the Web, and it only works with public Instagram accountscontent set as private cannot be shared. 3. Take time with your edits Did you notice the more sophisticated editing tools that Instagram added last month? Not only can you adjust the strength of each filter for the first time (press again on the selected filter name to see a slider), you can also access a host of extra options too. Use the Shadows option if part of your picture is a little too dark, or open up the Saturation slider if you want to turn the strength of the image’s colors up or down a notch.

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