Instagram Is Facebook’s Ticket To China’s Advertising Market – Facebook (nasdaq:fb) | Seeking Alpha

Yes Way, Rosé: Wine Inspires Instagram Meme, Totes and Tees – ABC News

PHOTO: A Yes Way, Rosé tie-dyed tote bag.

Facebook’s experiment is part and parcel of its plan to become a better business. Advertising clients deserve the best data of what ads to push to Facebook users. Facebook is still a Strong Buy . This company has the power to manipulate 1.2 billion people’s moods. Facebook’s pragmatic approach will make it the most attractive advertising provider on desktop and mobile platform. The 100% average scores of short-term and medium-term technical indicators at BarChart support my bullish call for Facebook. The party is not yet over for FB bulls. Thirty-two analysts at BarChart also give Facebook a Buy rating .

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Kylie Jenner Instagram Bikini: Did Kylie Jenner Alter Her Latest Bikini Pic?

In addition to toasts, this season the pink libation has inspired an Instagram meme, totes and tees. The battle cry for this merry movement? “Yes way, rose.” Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir are the masterminds behind the trending hashtags #yeswayrose, #summerwater and #rosevibes, which came to them after they realized they were exclusively sipping the rosy stuff after Memorial Day. Soon, the catchy phrases were gracing tote bags, shirts and iPhone sleeves on their own e-commerce site . Wine in a Paint Can: Lithuania’s Drink du Jour “Drink your pinks, eat your greens. #healthe #drinkpink #yeswayrose” commanded one recent Instagram post snapped during dinner hours. Typically made using red grapes, rose juice has very little contact with the skins during the winemaking process, leaving behind trace amounts of color, flavors and tannins. This results in a combination of red wine on the nose and palate, with the freshness and structure of a white wine, say wine experts. In other words, it’s very easy on the palate.

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According to the report: Fans were also quick to say that Kylie deleting the first image so quickly suggested shed uploaded it by accident, and had only meant to post the second edited version. The Kylie Jenner Instagram bikini controversy is somewhat surprising, only because Kylie has a great body (even for a 16-year-old) to begin with, and likely didnt need to edit the photo to begin with. Since the pic-altering fiasco, The New York Daily News reports that Kylie has been slammed for being a poor role model to kids . She has been slopped into a category with Miley Cyrus and Willow Smith following her photo fudge. Of the group of teen role models, Theresa Byrne, 18, of Carroll Gardens explained: Kids dont really look up to them because these stars arent in touch with normal peoples lifestyles. Twitter is the main cause of all the hype. Suburban kids feed into it more than city kids. Susan Kramer, 55, of Brooklyn Heights said: Its more negative role models for my kids. As a culture, I guess we get the social media we deserve. Kylie Jenners Instagram bikini shot was super sexy, and not something that many people would want their pre-teens and teens aspiring to. The fact that Kylie might have edited the photo is even worse, because it suggests that having the perfect body is more important than anything else. Despite the fact that posting such pictures is a call for attention (selfies are no different, however), editing photos to make them look flawless can send a bad message to society. Despite Kylie being ripped for her apparent Photoshop, editing pictures before posting them online is something that plenty of celebrities have been accused of doing.

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