How Facebook Moved 20 Billion Instagram Photos Without You Noticing | Enterprise | Wired

Mike Krieger.

The Instagram switch was the live migration of an enormousand enormously popularoperation. The service couldnt take any disruption, says Facebook engineer George Cabrera. Facebook wont say how many virtual machines were needed to run Instagram on Amazon, but it was in the thousands. And the service now stores over 20 billion digitals photos. The users are still in the same car they were in at the beginning of the journey, but weve swapped out every single part without them noticing. For Instagram, the move was a way of more effectively plugging into a wide range of computing tools that have long helped drive Facebooks vast online empire. And for the engineers overseeing Facebooks worldwide network of data centers, its a template for merging their operation with applications the company may acquire in the years to come. We were patient zero, Krieger says. But the Instagration also provides a lesson or two for the broader tech community as it builds more and more apps atop cloud computing services like Amazonapps they might one day migrate to private data centers. The key to the migration was a specialized Amazon service known as the Virtual Private Cloud.

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Instagram Marketing: 6 Ways to Improve your Account

Instagram Marketing: 6 Ways to Improve your Account image SuebZimmermanEnterprise

5. Geo tagging posts Use Geo tags when posting from your office or business and encourage customers to Geo Tag when theyre visiting your storefront or restaurant. By clicking on your Geotag, you can see the user generated content that your customers have produced. This creates yet another place to curate photos related to your business and increase visibility of your brand! 6. Grab the best Instagram Username Ideally, your Twitter and Instagram handles should be the same. If your Twitter or Instagram name is taken, then try using periods, your middle initial, or a number to keep both handles as similar as possible. Its also a good idea to have the same or similar profile pictures across platforms so that you are quickly recognizable.

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