Instagram Marketing: 6 Ways To Improve Your Account

Instagram Marketing: 6 Ways to Improve your Account image SuebZimmermanEnterprise

Diptic is an app for iPhone that allows you to quickly and easily collage multiple photos together into a single image. Canva is a graphic design tool to use from your desktop. You can use Canva to create graphic images for all of your social media platforms. 5. Geo tagging posts Use Geo tags when posting from your office or business and encourage customers to Geo Tag when theyre visiting your storefront or restaurant. By clicking on your Geotag, you can see the user generated content that your customers have produced. This creates yet another place to curate photos related to your business and increase visibility of your brand! 6. Grab the best Instagram Username Ideally, your Twitter and Instagram handles should be the same. If your Twitter or Instagram name is taken, then try using periods, your middle initial, or a number to keep both handles as similar as possible.

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Instagram Is Facebook’s Ticket To China’s Advertising Market – Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) | Seeking Alpha

Ads on Instagram were already proven to be very effective. This fact makes me believe that Facebook can still earn decent advertising money in China even without its core apps. My Recommendation Investors who are hungry for bigger and faster yields should now prioritize Facebook over Google. Zuckerberg has a great China play with Instagram. I was already bullish on Facebook when it was trading below $59. I’m now more enthusiastic with FB’s long-term potential with this new information that Instagram is thriving inside China. The buy followers on instagram Chinese smartphone market is a deep well where Instagram can earn ad money for many years to come. Google is missing this opportunity.

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