7 Tips For A Wildly Successful Instagram Video Marketing Campaign

7 Tips for a Wildly Successful Instagram Video Marketing Campaign

Thats not quite how others read it . #3 Post VideosWorth Watching High-quality videos are important but composition, lighting, and judicious use of filters may not be enough to make your Instagram worth following. Its just as important to think about the content of your videos. Since Instagram caught on as a way for friends to share videoswith each other, the platforms culture is one that presumes theres a personality behind the camera. Users scrolling through their feeds are noting that Todd is having a great time in Florence and that Arlette is smitten with the reflections of boats in Sausalito harbor. The challenge for brands is to convey just as much personality as individual users. As others have noted, one of the best ways to do this is to avoid relying only on professionally lit, staged studio Instavids. A feed made up entirely of glossy, magazine-style videoswill seem out of place on a platform that took off in large part because it made crappy smartphone pics look more interesting. Clothing brand Topshop, which is aimed squarely at the teens-and-twenties demographic that has wholeheartedly embraced Instagram, gets this: brand-created videos and images like this are indistinguishable from the types of content the brands fans are taking themselves. #4Know When (And How) To Use Video The popularity of YouTube (oh, and TV and movies, too) demonstrates that video remains an incredibly compelling medium.

Original article here: http://www.reelseo.com/7-tips-instagram-video-marketing/

How Facebook Moved 20 Billion Instagram Photos Without You Noticing | Enterprise | WIRED

Mike Krieger.

They are celebrating with the chosen people that theyve invited, and theyre not opening this up to the world. Before cell phones, all weddings were unplugged but now 37% of brides surveyed by wedding website The Knot said they will consider formalizing the no-tech wedlock. They see it at celebrity weddings and people think, I should feel like a celebrity on my wedding day, says Jamie Miles, editor of TheKnot.com. So they feel comfortable asking for things celebrities ask for, because its their special day, too. The key to getting guests to turn off their phones without blowing their tops is to keep them informed about your social-media policy early and often. Put a bulletin on your wedding website, add a line to the invitation and consider having your officiant make an announcement at the beginning of the service. Jasmine Lee Photography Kimberly Burgess, 22, said she just wanted her guest to be present and not distracted by Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Kimberly Burgess, 22, who wed in May, painted a chalkboard sign welcoming guests to her unplugged wedding, asking them to please put all electronic devices away. She also added a reminder in her program so she wouldnt have to compete with Twitter for their attention. We wanted our guests to be present with us in this special moment in our lives, and to just put their phones and cameras down and enjoy it, she said. Her request raised some eyebrows at first, but Burgess says the offline ceremony was a big success. A lot of guests said they thought it was really nice, and they actually enjoyed the ceremony without worrying about taking pictures, she says.

Original article here: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/brides-don-instagram-twitter-weddings-article-1.1846998

Forever hold your tweets: Brides are saying ‘I don’t’ to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at their weddings – NY Daily News

Kimberly Burgess

If I was starting a new startup or service from scratch today, Krieger says, I would totally just start on VPC. Once Krieger and his engineers were ready to actually move software and data from place to place, they turned to an increasingly popular tool called Chef . This is a way of writing automated recipes for loading and configuring digital stuff on a vast array of machines. They wrote recipes, for instance, that could automatically load the appropriate software onto machines running in the Amazon VPC. Then they used similar recipes to load much the same software on machines inside the Facebook data center. It built recipes for installing software on each flavor of Instagram database server, another for configuring what are called caching servers, which are used to more quickly serve up particularly popular photos, and so on. The last of the software and data arrived in Facebooks data center by the url end of April. In the middle of the month, Instagram was plagued by an outage that effected users across the globe, but the company says this was unrelated to the migration. Though the move was lengthy and complicated, it all happened, according to Krieger and others, without the services 200 million users realizing what was going on. Now, Instagram runs on its own dedicated machines inside the Facebook facility.

Original article here: http://www.wired.com/2014/06/facebook-instagram/


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