Instagram Suspends User’s Account For Posting Image Of Daughter | Digital Trends

Instagram tips for small businesses – The Denver Post

buy followers on instagram In this photo provided by Josey Orr and posted in May 2014 to the Instagram account of his company, Dyer and Jenkins, Orr models some of his

Like many moms, she posts photos of her family on her Instagram account, but Instagram shut down her account, citing that Adamos photos were inappropriate. Even before her accounts suspension, Instagram had been removing photos. Adamo said in her blog post that she had been receiving emails from Instagram, which says some of her photos had been flagged as inappropriate. Because Adamo couldnt figure out what had been removed, she assumed she had received the emails by mistake. The photo of Courtney Adamos daughter, Marlow, that caused her Instagram accounts suspension. (Credit: Courtney Adamo) But after posting a photo of her daughter Marlow, which shows the little girl innocently revealing her belly and underpants, the photo was pulled and Adamo received another email. Iread the entire page twice and was positive that I had not violated any rules. Unless a babys belly is considered nudity but surely it isnt! She is a BABY! Adamo wrote. Again, I was sure there was a mistake, so I reposted the photo.

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LeBron James’ Wife Posts Image of Ohio to Instagram, Jumpstarts Cleveland Rumors | Bleacher Report

(Tiffany Jones/Peridot Sweets Las Vegas) Women’s clothing shop and online store (3) UOI Boutique broadcasts its customers’ Instagram photos on its website. When someone uploads a picture of a skirt or top or necklace on Instagram with the hashtag #uoionline, it automatically shows up on . The Sterling, Ill., company also asks its 25 workers to take at least one photo with their smartphone during their shifts. The best are uploaded to UOI Boutique’s Instagram account. Hashtag everything Tim Parsons posted this photo of his Adoboloco product with tacos at La Tienda Del Sol in Kihei, Hawaii. (Tim Fernandes-Parsons/Adoboloco ) The right hashtag can attract customers from far away. Brooke Sacco, the owner of (4) Behind The Moon, a shop that sells used and new kids clothing in Hammonton, N.J., uploaded a photo of a pair of outfits with the hashtag of the clothing’s brand name. A potential customer in Dallas was searching for that brand on Instagram and asked Sacco to send the $7 dress and romper to Texas.

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It’s a traditionnothing new. However, with the looming possibility of James entering free agency in the near future, his annual return to his home state is causing a riot of speculation among NBA fans and experts. To give you an idea of how frantic the rumor-mongering has become, an image posted to social media this week by James’ wife Savannah has caused an all-out blitz of wild conjecturing on the Internet. Savannah posted a picture of the state of Ohio to Instagram on Sunday night. James’ wife captioned the image, “Home sweet home!! The countdown is real! #330.” Naturally, the denizens of the Internet decided this picture was an official announcement that her husband intends to leave Miami for the Cleveland Cavaliers . RUMOR | Lebron James might end up back in Cleveland with the Cavaliers. Ty Thompson (@Ty_Thompson9) June 23, 2014 While the thought of James using his wife’s Instagram to announce such a move makes for great First Take fodder, our very own Ethan Skolnick reports that Savannah’s picture had nothing to do with basketball. I’ve been assured that the Instagram post from Savannah James had nothing to do with basketball.

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