Instagram Suspends User’s Account For Posting Image Of Daughter | Digital Trends

4 ways your home is vulnerable to criminals - and how to secure it

Unless a babys belly is considered nudity but surely it isnt! She is a BABY! Adamo wrote. Again, I was sure there was a mistake, so I reposted the photo. And by yesterday evening my account was disabled. Adamo added that four years of family photos and memories disappeared overnight, and while hopefully she has copies of her photos, its the comments, well wishes, and direct messages that she misses. She had been locked out of her account since June 20, 2014, with no response or explanation from Instagram, despite her pleas. But, as of today, it seems her account is back online, perhaps thanks to some bad press for Instagram and fans that supported her. However, Adamo writes, Im not sure this is the end of the controversy as I am still receiving warning emails from Instagram to let me know that people are still reporting my images. From the look of Adamos Instagram photos, there isnt anything about a cute family that suggests inappropriateness. But users (or Instagram itself) could be flagging her photos simply because children are involved. Perhaps the Instagram community is only trying to protect kids in photos, without knowing why the kids are in the photos to begin with. Or, Instagram needs to figure out a better way to determine whats innocent and whats exploitation.

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Instagram helps small business sales

Many small businesses are using Instagram and social media to promote their products and increase sales. Tiffany Jones posted this photo of her to the Instagram account of her company, Peridot Sweets Las Vegas.

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6 great tips for getting the best Instagram photos of your kids

6 tips for getting the best Instagram photos of kids on Cool Mom Tech | photo: nbee3 on Instagram

And on Instagram, as with many things in life, I think that the love and the story is in the details. So skip the limited zoom option on your phone andmove in closer to your kid. [photo: @blurb ] 2. Change your POV Dont just stand there, move around! Get down to your childrens level, lie on your belly in the grass in the backyard, or go for a little elevation and hop on stepping stool positioned next to the crib.Its totally okay and fun, actually to intentionally crop a photo for detail; perhaps capturing just legs and feet in oversized shoes, or drippy remnants of chocolate ice cream on a mouth, chin and previously-white swim shirt. Also,a child from the back can be lovely, like my hula hoop photo, or the lovely shot oureditor Liz [@ mom101 ] caught of her girls on the beach, up at top. [shoes photo: @mommyshorts ] 3.Try interesting framing Along those same lines, aperspective shift also includes how you frame the picture before taking the shot. Instead of going with your kiddo in the center of frame, try moving your camera a smidge to the side.

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